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Novatex Bale Calculator: a useful tool for all farmers

How many net wrap revolutions need to be set for which type of forage? How many rolls are needed to complete the field? Which particular round baler model can work with a 3600m roll?

The answers to these and other questions are provided in real-time by the Novatex Calculator. Simple and intuitive, the Novatex Calculator is an extremely useful tool for the operators and farmers; an ideal tool for all contractors.


What is Bale Calculator?

The algorithm behind the Bale Calculator is based on the most complete round-balers catalogue existing so far in the world. This huge database is the result of years of direct experience gathered by Novatex Technical Team.

Working side by side with farmers and operators throughout the entire globe during the baling phases, Novatex Technical Team has been able to seize the opportunity to cooperate directly with major agricultural manufacturers while developing new round-balers models.

Thanks to this experience and their consolidated know-how, Novatex Team has taken advantage not only to gather data about the machines offer on the market but especially to analyse how the balers work in the field in relation to the type of harvest, the pedoclimatic conditions and finally crossing these data with Novatex nets: the widest and most complete range of net wraps.

How Bale Calculator works?

Despite the huge amount of data, the innumerable variables and the complexity of the algorithm itself, the result is an extraordinarily intuitive and very easy application.

You just need to select your own country (accessing on various regional Agri Novatex web sites, this function is already pre-set), then you’ll fill in the brand name and model of the round baler, add the type of bale and which crop you want to bale, then insert the number of wraps, and finally, you’ll get the roll lengths which are suggested for your own baler.

The number of wraps is a very important variable for Novatex. The choice of the appropriate setting assures the perfect work execution in the field and the best protection of the fodder even after repeated handling.

The Bale Calculator has been implemented exactly for this reason. Suggesting the correct number of wraps, considering also different factors such as: type of crop, typical local climatic conditions, typology of round baler used.

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That’s the reason why an alert will advise the operator in case he enters the wrong numbers of wraps, so he can rely on this valuable information. Once the operator has filled in all the fields, Novatex Calculator can show the exact number of bales per roll you will get, according to the total number of bales you are going to do.

Therefore you will know in advance the exact number of rolls you need. A good help for your job, isn’t it?

Besides your report from the research on the Calculator, for those who want to go further, it is also possible to insert an email address to receive other important information, for example which is the best net that Novatex suggests for that specific work in the field.

Novatex Calculator’s Mobile App

Beyond the web application, it is also possible to download the Calculator’s mobile app created by Novatex and available free of charge for iOS and Android.

This mobile app is welcome from most farmers as it is very useful while working in the field also because it enables the operator to make researches on his own smartphone even without network coverage.

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