The new-born Agri Novatex is the global brand of Novatex Italia.

Innovation, quality and service. These are the main ingredients of a successful case history. Novatex story, which is the worldwide leader in the production of nets for agriculture.

In other words, the nets used to wrap straw/hay and alfalfa-grass bales. Novatex’ life begins in 1977 but its real turning point happens a few years later with its launch into the market of net wraps for round balers.

Our History

Natale Castagna_Novatex_CEO_3

Novatex is the only company in the world provided with its own production technology: conceived, designed, and developed internally. “At that time no one was able to do the same – says Natale Castagna President of Novatex Italia – and this difference with others is probably even more distinctive today”.

Actually, Novatex can deal with an extraordinary competitive advantage in terms of flexibility and productivity, a positioning which is inaccessible to other players on the market. Novatex net wraps are present in any corner of the world. The core management is clearly in Europe but the company has a global business vision. 

Investments were carried out to increase energies and resources and develop business operations also in the southern hemisphere with the objective of helping to seasonally adjust the offer: Australia and New Zealand first, and then South America. Launching Novatex net wraps into the Japanese market, always favourable towards made-in-Italy products, was another challenge that the company accepted. Then Novatex pioneered and planned to enter the North-American market.

Agri Novatex in the world

The evolution from a solid national company towards a global dimension is now tangibly confirmed by the new-born Agri Novatex brand through which the company defines its representative system and its worldwide role.

This global approach doesn’t want to homologate, but rather get in touch with the local roots to emphasize and merge different experiences giving the opportunity to enrich the values of the whole group.

The creation of Agri Novatex brand represents the actual company commitment to shorten distances with far markets and be present locally through technical and commercial structures able to meet the local needs of farmers, dealers and distributors.


On the basis of Agri Novatex France experience, which has been able to reinforce the Company presence on this market along the years, Novatex is now present in Poland, UK, Australia, South Africa.

A special case history is represented by North America experience where Novatex deals directly through Committed AG, with its Head Quarters in Letherbridge, State of Alberta, Canada.

The adventure with Committed AG is the embodiment of Novatex intuition and its capacity to merge competence and know-how integrating its business with local businesses where the markets are in great expansion.

Novatex’s key points

No company becomes great without great people. And this is the third successful key point of Novatex: the attention to the human asset. Novatex has been carrying out a life-long learning programme with the objective to promote internal profiles.

The company gives its management and employees the opportunity of being satisfied with their own jobs, keeping high standards of safety in the factories, and favouring the personnel’s health.

Novatex’ world of values implies also policies of environmental sustainability The company guidelines tend to great investments also to reduce the quantity of plastic in its products, as we can witness through the recent introduction of the ME+ Technology.

It seems a paradox, as Mr. Castagna says, that today the major challenge comes from the environment itself. “Tropicalisation and global warming do not represent occasional variables but stable factors we need to relate to”.

The changes must act as an incentive for us to find new solutions. And especially the evolution which brought Novatex to develop innovative products such as ME Tech and ME+Tech can confirm the capacity of Novatex Group to accept the challenges and transform them into real opportunities.

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