Locally made silage wrap ticks all the boxes

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught the world anything, it’s the importance of local manufacturing. For the first time in many years, the supply security of products, parts, machinery, and many other core agricultural business requirements was in doubt. Those relying on global manufacturing and logistics faced delays – and in some cases – had holes in their supply chain.

As the world grapples with the pandemic, Agri Novatex Australia Country Manager Bradley Power is encouraging farmers and contractors to source Australian-made products for this year’s harvest. “SilaWRAP ULTRA is underpinned by new European technology, but is made right here in Australia,” he said. “It provides farmers and contractors with the best of both worlds thanks to the significant investment in technology, from Agri Novatex Australia and our partner Integrated Packaging, which has enhanced the product quality and its useability.”

Farmers and contractors switching from SilaWRAP Original to SilaWRAP ULTRA have been impressed by its 70 per cent stretch and consistency. “The improved formula of SilaWRAP Ultra delivers a more consistent product, ensuring hassle free baling for farmers and contractors, regardless of age, make or model of their wrapper” Bradley said. “Partnering with Integrated Packaging we have successfully improved the product’s performance, tear resistance, consistency and reliability – all the things that are important to our customers.”

With local manufacturing and a consistent resin supply, manufacturing can be ramped-up at any time to cater to seasonal variability. “It’s silage film for Australian conditions,” Bradley said. “But most importantly, local production means fast turnaround and the flexibility to meet market demand.”

“Agri Novatex Australia is proud to support local manufacturing and jobs and we want our customers to feel this same sense of pride when they buy a roll of SilaWRAP branded film with its’ Australia Made logo.” The silage film extruder, producing SilaWRAP ULTRA, boasts a sophisticated gauge control system. This ensures the silage film is flat and consistent across its length, while also retaining its puncture resistance, cling and stretch, according to Integrated Packaging’s Flexible Division Operations General Manager Dominic Adams. “Arguably poor gauge control can lead to telescoping and poor edge quality, which were some of the problems we traditionally had with our existing operations,” he said.

Improved automation has ensured the delivery of a consistent quality product.

Dominic said a sensor on the gauge monitors the thickness of the film via a computer and minor adjustments can be made as the air is blown around the die at the base of the bubble. The silage film then goes onto the extruder’s winder, where it’s wound onto the silage film core. “The winder has to ability to automatically control and manage tension, so crushed cores as the result of winding will be a thing of the past,” Dominic said. “Tension control, or lack thereof, is a major contributor to telescoping and bad edges and we can now automatically control tension, that gives us a far better looking and performing product.”

SilaWRAP ULTRA is a giant leap forward in production quality and performance and sets a new benchmark for ensiling in Australia.

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